Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This past weekend I went to visit Daughter in college town, USA. I wanted to grab her broken laptop and see if I can get it fixed for the Thanksgiving visit. When I asked Daughter if she was free this past weekend, she said “Sure, bring food.”

I did a bit of shopping at Costco and grabbed stuff she could freeze or was just in boxes or cans. One can never have too much Mac n Cheese. I really wish I would have thought to take a picture of the car loaded up with tons of stuff for her, but I forgot.

Daughter’s face when she spotted all the goodies I brought her!!

And then I stopped at a local take-n-bake lasagna shop and grabbed a pan of vegetarian lasagna and also a pan of incredible tiramisu. While visiting her, we also picked up salad makings and garlic bread. Thus she had a little pasta party tonight with some friends.

Yummy tiramisu!!

One of the things I usually do when I visit Daughter is to take her and a friend out for a meal. This time I was lucky to meet two of her dear friends. Friend N went to dinner with us (I forgot a picture) and friend B had breakfast with us. Yeah — I remembered to take a pix!

Breakfast with Daughter and friend, B.

We got stuck in a little hail storm Saturday morning.  Brrrrr….. no coats on at the time. Fun!!  The drive home was uneventful – thank goodness!

When I got home,the cats didn’t greet me at the door, but they soon appeared and were fine. I think they were sending a message of displeasure that I left them alone for 30 hours. And to show their foul sentiment, someone (not me) vomited in the big water bowl. I am sure all the kitties were relieved that there were three water bowls so no one went thirsty.

Back to the grindstone on Monday! Have a good week!


Comments on: "Feeding the Starving College Student" (4)

  1. My gran used to send me food parcels when I was at art college. Once, in July, she infamously sent me a whole fresh salmon. By post.

  2. My daughter is a vegetarian but will eat eggs. I asked her why eggs and she said the chicken doesn’t die when providing an egg. Oh well, I still like my fish and fowl.

    The things we do for our kids, but I won’t eat tofu!

  3. Your college student is remarkably un-picky about her mother’s care package! I had one who had stopped eating junk food in her sophomore year and would only accept items from Trader Joe’s, where the junk food was apparently more healthy. :p Then there was the boy who went from vegetarian to vegan, so he wouldn’t even eat cheese, eggs, or honey. (“Why honey?” I asked. “Because the bees are exploited in the manufacture of honey. Do you know how many bees are killed in the factory harvesting of honey?”) I had to go to the coop to buy groceries for that kid, and the bill was close to $70 for two bags containing bulk grains, vegan mayonnaise, vegan margarine, vegan cheese (?), vegan sausage, gluten “duck,” and organic tofu. He did cook a pretty good meal for me, but I found myself wishing for a cheesy veggie pizza afterwards.

    My cat opted to vomit behind the stove when I left her alone for a day. I didn’t realize it until the day I heated it up to make muffins, and then there was this ghastly smell from behind….

  4. I was relieved not to come home to any kitty barf. I left out enough food for at least 4 days and it was all gone (I was only away for 2.5 days).

    Lasagna, bread, salad & tiramisu sound AMAZING right now. The real sucky part of liquid diet is the lack of hot options. I mean, I can basically have broth… or broth.

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