Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Daughter is currently in Japan visiting many of her friends. The few pictures that she has been able to send through Facebook have been adorable.

And that is partly due to the Japanese Purikura photo booth. The similarity starts with the old photo booth. Snap a few silly pictures for a small price. The updates are to add backgrounds, frames, stickers, text — whatever!

Here is an example or two or three.




Too cute, right? So I found a couple of Purikura style apps for my iPhone and decided to try them out.

Here’s Freddie the boxer.


Sunni is like a little girl playing dress-up in an attempt to glam herself up. Doesn’t work so much in her favor.

MeiMei thought she was just a bit too cool for such silliness.

And finally Ellie-chan.


Aren’t they cute かわいい!


Comments on: "Purikura is かわいい" (3)

  1. adorable! When will they come up with the booth that takes 25 years off?

  2. Very fancy! Love it. 🙂

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