Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  • Is crime up in your neighborhood?
  • Are you missing any items of value, including sentimental value?
  • What happens at your residence while you are away?

The above are all questions many people are asking these days.

What can I do?  Let me introduce you to a new business that may be able to help.

The Quidnunctious Cats

Their motto is “Your business is our business” and they mean business.

Q-cats Agency is their name, and investigation is their game.

Although they haved honed their skills for over a year, the Q-cats Agency is a new business. I highly recommend them; they have recently solved a problem for me. And it was just a problem, not life or death. Nonetheless, the Q-cats sprang into action.

“Just because it’s a mystery doesn’t mean it is a crime. We try to help out where ever we can, big or small, crime or just those bothersome worries.”

So visit their website. They plan to update their website with cases results as the business grows. Help yourself while also supporting the Q-cats. (BTW – they work for bonito flakes.)

Click the paw!


Comments on: "Your Business is Our Business!" (2)

  1. I hopped over and signed up. But don’t tell Scrappy… 😉

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