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Although I live in a housing development, there are deer and other wild animals that meander by. Usually, I don’t have too much trouble with the deer. However, this year they are eating up my plants like crazy!

Here are photos of the tasty gobbled damaged plants in my front yard.

This plant is usually in full bloom by now. Most of the stems have been nibbled down.


The following 2 pictures are of my poor little hosta plants. I don’t think they will survive much more nibbling.



And my scraggly coneflower that is fighting back with a bloom.


It was a wet spring and late start to summer. And now it is dry and hot. Don’t those little deers have enough to eat?


Comments on: "Oh Deer, Are You Hungry?" (3)

  1. I did have a problem with the deer…I went to NW Seed and bought a spray..Wow did it smell bad…the deer thought so too. Not one plant
    nibbled. They can eat the tall weeds and drink water from the creek.I am willing to share those items…

  2. I agree with you on that. But couldn’t the deer practice a bit of restraint? If they keep nibbling, there won’t be any hostas left. I don’t mind a little nibbling, just don’t kill the plant.

  3. I feel badly for your garden, but I feel equally badly for the wild life that must be struggling in all this extreme weather. And by “wild life” I mean us humans, too. I become a raving lunatic when it gets so hot and humid with no relief in sight!! 😐 I’d nibble on those cool-looking hostas, too! 😉

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