Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I just noticed that I have reached the 10000 visitors mark. Actually it was 10004.

So what does 10004 mean to me? Let me tell you!

If each visit was worth a nickel (5 cents), I would have $500.20. Hmmm – what could I do with a little extra cash?

If each visit was a gram, I would have a titch more than 22 pounds.

If each visit was a Euro, I would have $12,302.91.

If each visit was a centimeter, I would have 109.4 yards.

If each visit was a second, I would have 2.78 hours.

If each visit was an hour at work, I would spend 5.2 years at work. Of course that does not include my 4 weeks of vacation every year.

If each visit was a mile, I could fly from Berlin, Germany to Sydney, Australia.

If each visit was a teaspoon of Bailey’s Irish Creme, I would be dead from alcohol poisoning, having downed a drop over 13 US gallons of that “going down smooth” drink.

Of each visit was a cup of ice cream, I would consume 625.25 gallons of my favorite dairy product. And I could try every flavor I available. That would be over 19 different Baskin-Robbins store, assuming each store had unique flavors.

Whew – that’s a lot of consuming, imbibing, flying, working, etc. Thanks to each and every visitor; I promise to eat some ice cream in your honor. Just let me know your favorite flavor. Please no bubble gum ice cream!


Comments on: "If I Had a Nickel for Every Visit…" (1)

  1. I say split it… 1/2 gal of booze and 8.5 BaskinRobbins’

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