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Achoo to you too!

Sunni’s sneezing started up on Saturday again. Poor little kitty sneezes, then rubs her nose over and over again.

The vet thinks she may have something stuck up her nose or had something that is causing the irritation. So Sunni is on antibiotics for several days to see if that helps.

She had an antibiotic shot on Thursday, but by Saturday its good vibe seemed to have worn off.

I hate giving Sunni medicine. She is not a good patient when I play nurse. And she needs her toenails clipped. So I need to clip first or I may end up shredded.

The good news is the vet does not think she has asthma. The constant sneezing is not a symptom. I guess that is good news for now.


Comments on: "Achoo to you too!" (3)

  1. Poor thing, hope she feels better soon and does not rip you to shreds in the meantime.

  2. yay for the good news!! boo for the sneezes. Hope whatever it is gets blown out ASAP

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