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Sunni and the ER

Guess where we are?

I am sitting in the emergency pet clinic while Sunni gets some chest x-rays.

Here’s what happened. Two nights ago, while eating her dinner, Sunni started a marathon sneeze fest. She violently sneezed for 3-4 minutes. Throughout the rest of the evening, there just a handful of tiny sneezing episodes.

The next day she seemed fine. I thought I heard a tiny bit of wheezing, but it soon stopped. This morning I also heard some wheezing. But again it soon stopped.

Tonight when I got home from work, Sunni did not meet me at the door. Although Ellie and MeiMei greeted me, there was no Sunni. I admit a tiny bit of panic set in. I looked through the house and couldn’t see her anywhere. She usually always comes when she is called, but not tonight.

Finally she crawled out from under the bed. I went to pick her up and she was making this horrible noise while trying to breathe. So we jumped in the car to go to the emergency pet clinic.

Wouldn’t you know it, but once there, Sunni’s breathing was no longer labored. After a checkup, the vet thinks she might have asthma. The definitive test consists of x-rays. And that’s where Sunni is as I type this.

LATER The x-rays show nothing on her lungs, but her trachea is a little narrow. This could be due to an asthma attack or some allergic response. They don’t really know at this point. Since she also has periods of rapid breathing, it could be Sunni’s way of dealing with pain. She was shot when she was a kitten and has one round of buckshot in her belly. Perhaps that is causing her some discomfort.

Sunni is ready to go home!


So, $478 and 2.5 hours later, we are all back home. I will keep an eye on the little bugger and call her regular vet tomorrow.

Too much excitement for me! However, I am the lucky one. While at the clinic, one dog was brought in; hit by a car and died. The dog’s owners were quite upset as expected.

Another dog came in. This one had been attacked by other dogs at some point during the day. When the mom got home, she found her dog ripped up. She took the dog to their regular vet who stabilized him after several hours. Thus they then brought him to the clinic which offers 24 hour emergency care. Hope the dog makes it!

I repeat: too much excitement for me.


Comments on: "Sunni and the ER" (7)

  1. off topic: Do you like that soft-side carrier? I’ve been thinking of getting one.

    • I have 3 soft-sided carriers, all different brands. and I like them a lot. I started making a pro/con list but it got too involved. Instead, I will post about the carriers this weekend.

  2. Oh noes. I hope all turns out okay!!

    Mocha had bronchitis for the last couple years of his life. Like clockwork, every 5 weeks there would be an out-of-the-blue coughing fit and I’d rush him off to ER for oxygen and steroids. Sometimes we’d share inhalers (true story). He’d always recover within 24 hours and we’d have 5 great weeks till the next attack.

  3. Poor Sunni! The story about her being shot was disturbing. I hope she doesn’t have a repeat of the wheezing symptoms. Those are scary, though we had a dog who wheezed all through her life, until she died from diabetes at the age of 12. The vet said she was asthmatic, but not severely so. It was just so sad to see a little critter wheeze so much.

    • I know! I didn’t even find out about my little buckshot baby for awhile. What sicko would shoot a mom and her litter? Sunni is doing better, thank you!

  4. Scary stuff!
    I hope Sunni is feeling better soon! So sad about the dogs.

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