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Queen of the Litter Box

Because I have 3 cats, I have multiple litter boxes. I just bought another box to put upstairs.

The cats like to get used to things before they truly become part of their lives. Thus I unpacked the new litter box, assembled it, and left it in the living room to be investigated.

First, MeiMei had to check it out. She seemed content with her visit.


The Ellie, a bit timid and cautious, decides to have a quick peek.


But it was Sunni who gave the litter box her blessing when she discovered that she could sit on top of it and view the world.



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    • you can certainly try to potty train a cat. I tried training my 2 but ran into problems because they were at different levels. one cat trained easily. The second was a bit slow and afraid. so I abandoned the effort after several months and tons of accidents. Since you only have one cat, it might be easier. join the yahoo group they have a lot of info and suggestions. Amazon has Better Way flushable litter that does not clog up the plumbing. good luck! I will be watching your blog for future developments.

  4. Oh those are great pics! Sunni is so elegant!

    • She is a keeper, that is for sure! Your blog is hilarious; I just signed up as a follower. however, I will have to monitor it so my angel cats (ha!) don’t get any ideas.

  5. The vet couldn’t get a urine sample from Skritches on Sat and I was not remotely surprised because she has some weird “thing” for litter boxes. If I’m standing near one, she goes in and pees. If I change the litter – she goes in and pees. If I clean it – she goes in and pees. I think it’s her version of taking ownership.

  6. Don’t you love the way their personalities show through the photos! Sunni looks like she took ownership of the new box.

    • I love slacker Sundays! Looks like everyone also loves them. Nekoka’s picture (in earlier post) is kind of scary. I would make sure you feed that face on time!

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