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Cat Explorers

I have decided to see if the cats would like to venture outside. They have always been indoor only cats, except Ellie. Her previous family said she liked to go outside. Because I am surrounded by dogs (although within fencing), I found little cat vest harnesses for the gang.  Here are some pictures of their first explorations.

Ellie not looking so happy about the whole thing.

Ahh — feeling better with a bit of grass between our toes.

MeiMei wants to know what’s going on without her constant supervision.

Sunni appears a bit miffed because MeiMei is wearing her vest. MeiMei’s red vest has been ordered, but not here yet.

Sunni whining about the whole exploration adventure; she’s not all that exciting about being outside.

Sunni thinks if she is sphinx-like, then maybe no one will notice her.


Comments on: "Cat Explorers" (5)

  1. So dapper in their little vests–like tiny crossing guards! Adorable!

  2. Where did you find the vests? I’ve been seeking something like that for my cats but have not found anything but small dog harnesses. Those look GREAT.

    Did the kitties go “flat cat” when you put them on? When I had Moshi, I harness trained him for awhile – but it took 3 days of practice before he’d stand back up after I put the harness on him.

    • I looked for the perfect vest for quite some time. Found these at a local pet boutique, but you can find them online at Cloak and Dawggie; they are the cool mesh harnesses (for dogs) but small enough for cats too.
      Only Ellie did the flat cat routine. Sunni walked backwards for the first day. MeiMei doesn’t care about fashion.
      I think they are pretty cute and very very lightweight. I recommend them!

      • Thanks for the 411. I’m loading their site now.

        laughing at Sunni walking backward – I imagine a Micheal Jackson moonwalk kind of thing.

  3. great pictures…I love them. Mom

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