Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

R and R with MM and M

Relaxing and reading with MeiMei and me. Sorry about all the initials but seemed apropos at the time.


The thermometer read 104 F. but it was directly in the sun. I think it was only 85. It was time to get a little color on the legs, so I sat outside reading. Yeah, I was in the shade but that should still be considered soaking up the vitamin D.

Since it was so pleasant, I thought MeiMei might like to join me. She borrowed Sunni’s vest harness and I latched her up. She immediately jumped on the barbecue. (note to self: don’t take her out if I am actually using the barbecue.)

I could tell she was contemplating a leap to the upper deck, so I kept her leash tight. MeiMei and the dog next door glared at each other for 20 minutes before the dog got too hot and left. No words growls were exchanged so I was not clawed to death.



Comments on: "R and R with MM and M" (2)

  1. Meimei looks pretty happy with her harness. She is queen of all she surveys!

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