Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It has been almost a month since I last blogged. Not sure what’s been going on, but I’m sure there is a valid excuse somewhere in the past. (Note: Excuses are randomly numbered based on – ummm – nothing)

  • 3. Daughter was in town for a visit.
  • 6. Had a colonoscopy.
  • 13. Drove Daughter back to college. Moved her into an apartment.
  • 15. Had company for several days.
  • 16. Cleaned house.
  • 19. Several power outages.
  • 21. Shopping!
  • 23. Setting up new TV, cable, Blu-ray player, and sound bar.
  • 24. Reading, reading, reading!
  • 26. Dealing with emotional trauma.

For this post though, I am invoking excuse #27 – laptop catnap. No rhyme or reason for the excuse number, except I like #27. And who can resist Ellie-chan! And she was so tired, I just couldn’t move her. That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it!


Hoping to provide little anecdotes about the other excuses in future blogs – or not.


Comments on: "Excuse #27 for not Blogging" (10)

  1. welcome back!

  2. Life has a way of getting into my plans all the time. Totally understandable. Your life is full. Blogging will always be here. I’m counting on that as I weave in and out of the blog-o-sphere myself. I’m ducking back out again for a while…but that is my plan!

    Sorry to hear about the emotional upheaval. Hope things calm down. You and your laptop companion look very cozy. There must be some comfort there! 🙂

    • Thanks Lorna! I guess not blogging was sort of my plan because I thought about it and didn’t.
      How’s that book? I am quite good at catching typos (except my own).

      • Hmmm. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m slogging through it–well, “slogging” isn’t the right word. It is interesting to read what I’ve written and polish it as I go. But 307 pages is a lot to read with such focused concentrations–no speed reading for me on this one!

  3. Meh, the colonoscopy would have sidelined me for a couple of days. My last one was painless, but the prep left me feeling drained and kind of limp. The daughter, company, and the power outages are also perfectly legit excuses, as is emotional trauma. The catnap—well, I’ve been there. I can’t say it’s a great excuse, but those kitties can pin you down to the chair for days!

    • Meh – my sentiments exactly! Recovery was ok. It was all that other stuff that created/creates problems. How is your life going? Well I hope! And your parents too.

      • It’s been too busy, since this apparently is the year both parents descend deeper into dementia. (Dad turns 90 this year, Mom is now 91.) It’s harder to leave the house, and hence I don’t have many bloggable adventures to write about this summer. Hopefully August will be better when I visit my son. Hope your summer is quieter and more restful too!

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