Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It was 36 F. this morning when I got up to feed the starving cats. So I feed them and went back to the warmth of the bed where I was soon joined by Sunni and Ellie.  MeiMei doesn’t like to sleep under the covers.

Very rainy day as I went to run errands. One of my errands was to check out a new digital camera.  Where the iPhone photos are OK, I just want something better. My older digital camera is just not cutting it anymore.  Ended up at a local shop that has an excellent reputation and was just going to ask questions and get an idea of what’s there. I had done some internet research and reviews, but wanted to hold one in my hot little hands.

After fiddling around with several cameras, I ended up with a Canon S100. Tiny little thing!  I haven’t read all the instructions yet and have only taken a handful pixs using the automatic setting, but am pleased so far.

Ellie snoozing. Amazed at the sharpness of her fur.

MeiMei stalking the computer cord.

The cats were complaining about the cold (only 62 F. in the house), so on came the fireplace to warm everyone up, even that big black flat cat in the middle.


Comments on: "Brrrr…… It’s June??" (6)

  1. It just warms my heart to see Ellie so happy in her new home.
    And everyone loves the fireplace! I may need to start a fire tonight!

    • It was so toasty to have the fire! And I agree with you about Ellie. I think she is a happy little clam. She certainly cuddles and purrs a lot!

  2. That’s “stupid cold”!
    I’ll have to check out the camera. Last night I was thinking I’d like something small but decent to take to the pole conventions this year. My dSLR is too big and is not allowed some places; my phone sucks in low light.

    • One of the selling points for me was that this camera performs better in low light. I hope to be putting more pictures on my blog after I figure all this out.

      • low light pics are the sole thing that makes me covet iphones. i looked up the camera you bought and i think it’s out of my price range… but I want to see what kind of pics you get.

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