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Budding Buddies

Ellie has been in the family for 4 months now. She is definitely comfortable and has the run of the house.

As for cat buddies, that’s another issue. MeiMei and Ellie have been struggling to get along. I have tried several things, but wasn’t quite sure if MeiMei attacked first or if Ellie’s hissing started the confrontations. About 6 weeks ago I installed Feliway cat pheromone diffusers upstairs and downstairs. That seemed to settle everyone down a bit.

As of now, MeiMei and Ellie are getting on much better at just being the same space. They can walk by each other and sometimes even sit on the same bed. A bit of cat slapping still occurs, but not with any major aggression. It is more like a “she’s breathing my air” complaint.

I am pretty sure the relationship will continue to improve. They both tend to back off and relax if I say something. So I think they are testing the water.

Here’s a recent video of Ellie and MeiMei on the cat tree. I find it interesting that Ellie basically keeps her back to MeiMei. Silly cats!

By the way, Sunni and Ellie are constantly playing tag or hide-n-seek. They even lick each other sometimes. If MeiMei would just join in, it could be the Triad!


Comments on: "Budding Buddies" (3)

  1. I loved seeing them in action! And it sounds like everyone is adjusting. MeiMei will realize that she’s missing out on all the fun games.

  2. Feliway only seems to affect my cats in that it helps them recovery after being hospitalized.

    I found a spray-bottle product called No Stress which works a little better in our household. I like it because I can spray it on anything & everything… and concentrate on the areas where eat cat hangs out. But even then I only get limited results.

    In our household, Moshi loves everyone but the rest of the kitties each have at least 1 arch enemy. Keeps things lively!

    • Think I will have to check it out. I can use a little “no stress” around here.

      Hope Expressa is eating better.

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