Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Have just survived the 1st summer crud episode this year. And I am somewhat thankful because being sick was not Crohns-related. Wahoo!

Summer crud – you know, that congestion, cough, sore throat, fever, achy thing. My fever finally broke Friday night so I did nothing on Saturday except rest. Oh, and it seems I lost my mind on Friday and Saturday.


It was June 1st and thus the rabbit day. Remember, the game I play with Daughter where the person that first says (or texts) the word “rabbit” to the other person wins. Being somewhat number-oriented, I am fully cognizant of the day of the month and thus usually win.

Maybe it was the crud medicine or ??, but the entire event hasn’t even in my mind. Daughter won this month and at a very late-in-the-day (1:28 pm) text.

Normally I would not put all that much thought into “how could I forget” rabbit day. But then something else occurred. June 2nd was Rocky Road Ice Cream Day. And I forgot!

Dying for Chocolate blog has a yummy-sounding recipe for Rocky Road Ice Cream Pie. I can’t wait to try it out for a party or something.

Meanwhile, I may have found my mind (it was laying around on the couch) and am planning to get some much needed chores done today. Oh, and eat some rocky road ice cream. Better a day late than not at all!



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