Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What a bust! I did not get much done at all. Shared some of yesterday’s porketta with a friend. While there, she got stung by a bee. Since she is allergic and has ended up in the ER before, I quickly ran home and grabbed an Epi-pen.

She was doing ok and we didn’t have to use it. But I hung around for a while and played iPhone games (she just got an iPhone).

It was a semi-nice day here and the girls and my favorite dog were hitting the pool. I share this photo because it brought a smile to my face. Hopefully it will make you smile too.

So here is the itty bitty list of what got done today.

  • Bought trellis and clematis plants
  • Bought mulch to add to front yard beds
  • Bought umbrella stand to use on upper deck
  • Emptied dishwasher after all of yesterday’s dishes
  • Fold and put away yesterday’s laundry
  • Return cat litter that cats don’t like (and won’t use–you know what that means)
  • More laundry
  • Read

Need to jump on my list tomorrow! And I don’t feel bad by not getting everything done, because something is better than nothing!


Comments on: "Day 2 – Declutter Weekend" (2)

  1. that’s a billion times more than what i accomplished.
    pool and epi-pens? I want to be your bffn!!

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