Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Well, I hate to admit this, but day 1 got off to a very slow start. Although I was awake early, I decided to read a bit. And when I read, I often doze off. Thus the slow start. Read, sleep, read, sleep, and so on until I had to get up. 2:00 in the afternoon!

First things first, I fed the cats, took a quick shower, and started in on the list. Here’s what got done.

  • Dishes
  • Clean up kitchen window sill so Sunni can use it without knocking everything off
  • Wash sliding glass doors
  • Move Ellie’s litter box into downstairs bathroom
  • Put porchetta in crockpot so I can have pulled pork sandwiches
  • Wash all bedding
  • Plant cat grass for the kitties
  • Read and nap while snuggling with kitties
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Hand watered all plants outside so I could check them out

The porketta smelled lovely! So I had a great dinner in preparation for tomorrow and the continuing adventure. Porketta, baked potato with sour cream, and a ladieu salad (wild greens, feta cheese, red grapes, red onions, huckleberry vinaigrette, and candied pecans).


Comments on: "Day 1 – Declutter Weekend" (1)

  1. Wow! Good job. If I got up at 2, I definitely would not manage to get all that done. I’d probably go back to bed at 4, haha!. Good for you. Dinner looks lovely. I was not feeling so well yesterday so I used it as my day off. So I have to get cracking today and tomorrow! Now I feel inspired, let’s hope I find energy to match. I’m going to yoga at 10 so maybe I’ll find it there…

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