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Outdoor Planting Done!

Last weekend was perfect weather to get the outdoor planting done. So that’s exactly what I did.

First, plant all those Mothers Day present petunias at my mom’s house. Here are the petunias sitting in the greenhouse waiting for the frost to leave.

Here are the planters just waiting for new occupants. There are 3 more not shown.

And here are the planters all filled up with room to grow.

Then I came home to take care of all my planters and pots. Here are the front steps. Not too colorful yet, but wait for a couple of weeks.

On to the backyard and the lower deck. I washed the deck, planted flowers and a couple of tomato plants, brought out the table, umbrella, chairs (not all showing) and hose. Here is the after picture.

There is a small planting area by the deck. I have been trying to make it only for perennials. It’s getting there! I placed a small pot in the bird bath until I get the bird bath cleaned up and refreshed for the little tweeties. Here are the before and after shots.


And there are more pictures, especially the upper deck, but they are semi-boring as you can’t see much. But after working in the yard for several hours, I was so tired, I needed a little R&R. Ellie and Sunni joined me.

Glad this was all done before Memorial Day weekend!


Comments on: "Outdoor Planting Done!" (6)

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  2. oohhhh… come do my “garden”… i’ll put you up in a decent hotel!

  3. Great minds, Szabo! I was about to suggest the same thing 🙂

  4. Looks good. Can you come plant at my house?

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