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I was so excited for the solar eclipse this evening. But unfortunately the clouds rolled in and the sun was not visible where I live.

However, thanks to SLOOH Space Camera, I watched online (in real time) from California. These pictures were taken on my iPhone from SLOOHs live coverage. It apparently got cloudy right at the end, but marvelous to watch.

I especially liked how the color changed when the moon was almost covering the sun. Kind of went from yellow to a bit pinkish, and then back to yellow and then orange.



Comments on: "Bummer – Cloudy Eclipse" (2)

  1. dangit… i’m in CA and couldn’t find a real time viewing online. in real life, the sky was mostly clear but I couldn’t see a thing.

  2. I couldn’t see it either. That’s a great web source so we all can view this event. Thanks!

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