Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Think of these few pictures as frames from a short (very short) film. I’ll provide a short commentary on behalf of Sunni.

(to herself) Look, mom’s watching me (hi mom) and she’s expecting me to be nice to Ellie.

Hey Ellie-chan! Come out of the window and let’s play.

Come on, mom’s watching so let’s show her we are buddies.

(to herself) Come closer you dainty little hissy pants.

Hah! That should teach you not to hiss at your buddy! And I didn’t even use my claws because I AM your buddy.


Comments on: "Can Ellie Come Out and Play?" (4)

  1. I’d bet they be lost if they didn’t have each other to taunt!

  2. I bet they’s miss each other if they didn’t have each other to mess with…

  3. Parker sits on an office chair. Zizou sits on the desk above and thumps her until she leaves….

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