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Fickle Friday

Eat What You Want Day!


Today (May 11) is “Eat What You Want” day. I don’t know why, but am partaking anyway. Lunch was salmon, rice, and zucchini and yellow squash. Dinner was chicken/cheese tamales (from Trader Joes). And I would love to have some ice cream, but am already full up. Baskin-Robbins is advertising this day, so don’t forget. How did you celebrate?

Return of the Milk Bottle

Last September, there was a fire that severely damaged a neighborhood icon; the Milk Bottle restaurant. Read about it here.

Today, they reopened to the public! I am glad they are back in business. This is a great place for lunch. But I usually go there for an ice cream cone. I’m feeling like homemade huckleberry ice cream. Guess I should plan a visit this weekend.

Yesterday, the Milk Bottle opened for a special crowd–they fed the firefighters who worked very hard to save the shell of this wonderful place. What a marvelous way to celebrate on the community.

Walking the Camel

The above picture was from the Spokesman-Review. A man, who obviously has a collection of exotic animals, was walking his camel in a local park. I wish I would have been able to see that!

Super Weekend Coming Up!

Wahoo! This is suppose to be a great weekend with temps in the 70s! Am hoping to drag out the patio furniture and get the planters ready for flowers. It is still a bit early to plant outside (30 degrees last night), but I want to be prepared.

The thing I am looking forward to is grouting the lazy susan I finished tiling last weekend. Perfect weather for that little activity. Wish me luck.


Comments on: "Fickle Friday" (3)

  1. never heard of eat what you want day, I guess I should participate, might limit me eating what I want everyday. I enjoyed reading your post

  2. Eat what I want Day? Great news! My son came for the weekend (his birthday and Mother’s Day) so I made things I don’t normally make. Of course I had to do quality assurance taste-testing…

  3. the porch boxes are ready. I am still working on the other beds. Flowers in green house are
    slow this year. Only marigolds doing great, others are slower. Have a happy Mothers day and
    lets talk.

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