Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Family Dinner Time

Finally the furry ones have decided that it is okay to not only be in the same room, but to actually share a meal together.

Being in the same room, within a few feet of each other, is a big step towards family unification. Well, it’s more of a MeiMei and Ellie unification as Sunni and Ellie are playmates.


From the top, Ellie, MeiMei, and Sunni.


Comments on: "Family Dinner Time" (8)

  1. meigler said:

    Do you have only 4 or are there more?

  2. There’s a familiar sight. So you have a Siamese, a solid black, and a brown-pointed tabby?

  3. food makes everything better

  4. Too cute! Love the furry babies.

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