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Craft Day

Today was “craft day” with a friend. We spent a couple of hours trying to make progress on projects we started last year.

But first I had to present my favorite doggies with some treats. As always, Blue decided he needed to control who got what. And apparently Blue decided that he got all three treats.


I have been working on a lazy susan for a while. The project stalled because I decided I didn’t like it. So today the goal was to finish the mosaic. I think I may use white grout when it’s time to grout it.


Susan was working on some stained glass pieces that all go together as a hanging piece. Here she is soldering them.


So we both finished what we set out to do! That’s always a good sign.


Comments on: "Craft Day" (4)

  1. Nice! I love mosaics. What’s in the doggie treats? I made Scrappy some peanut butter treats. He loves them.

    • No fancy doggie treats. Just Milkbones for this pix. I keep a box in my car so when I go visit I always have treaties for the dogs. They now expect it. When I drive up, they meet me and all 3 must sit before anyone gets a treat. Thus they sit really fast.

  2. Looks like both of you had a good day!

  3. I love the vibrant orange of the lazy susan. it’s going to turn out lovely!

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