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W is for What the…?

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

I am often amazed (uncomfortably so) at the selfish actions of some people. At least I perceive their actions to be selfish, but in reality I think they are oblivious to acceptable behavior.

The other day I was at the grocery store. I pulled my car into the parking lot and the first available spot. Wait, there was a lady (I perhaps use that turn loosely) who was moving bags from the cart into her truck. And the truck door was wide open thus blocking the open parking spot.

I totally understood that issue so just parked one more spot down. When I came out of the store a few moments later, the lady (?) and the truck were gone. But the cart was straddling the dividing line, so basically two parking spaces were unavailable. And the part that makes me mutter “What the…” is that the area to return the carts was a mere six feet away – directly behind where the truck had been parked.

This selfish/inconsiderate act — or non-act — is all too common today. Why is that?

Here’s my “stamp of disapproval.”



Comments on: "W is for What the…?" (3)

  1. People who tend to think only of themselves behave in ways that show how self-centered they are. I feel badly for these people because they will need help one day and no one will want to help them.

  2. Timely for me… 2 nights ago I stopped at Target and saw a guy go out of his way to “return” his shopping cart to the planter curb, half in the planter and half in a parking space, when designated cart collection area was literally next to his driver-side door. I was so amazed that, without thinking, I yelled “it’s RIGHT THERE” while pointing. He waved at me.

  3. That kind of stuff drives me crazy. There are cart corrals all over the parking lot with big signs that say “RETURN YOUR CART HERE”. Yet people just leave their cart wherever the hell they want. And don’t get me started with non-handicapped people parking in handicapped spots, or people who park in the fire lane in front of the store…

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