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N is for Nothin’

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

N is for ??? Sorry, but I could not come to grips with an N is for post.

At first, it was going to be N is for Normal. But what is normal? It is different with each person. My appearance is normal for me; your appearance is your normal. My normal likes and dislikes are probably different than your normal likes and dislikes. There is no generic, universal normal. Not much of a post.

Then I was going for N is for Numbers because I really like numbers. Numbers have patterns and I live for patterns. I like numbers so much that I paid extra $$ to get a phone number that had specific numbers and a pattern. How insane is that? Oh yeah, that’s my normal. I could go on and on about numbers, but again, not much of a post.

Lastly, I was going to do N is for Nothin’ as that is exactly what I did today; nothing. Not really, if you count reading, napping, playing with the cats, playing Words with Friends, fixing dinner, etc. But if you ask what I did today, I would respond with “nothing.” And so that’s the post.

Even Ellie did nothing all day, unless you count sitting in the window.


Comments on: "N is for Nothin’" (5)

  1. That was a whole lot of very interesting and entertaining nothin’! Good post!

    And, hey, like Wilde said: I like talking about nothing; it’s the only thing I know anything about.

    • Right on Oscar! I take that a bit further and say “I like talking to myself because I don’t have to explain anything.”

  2. N is for News–news that a pretty has to tell about what she saw all day out that window!

  3. Sitting in the window all day is what cats do. If she was there all day, she was working very hard! (Pretty kitty, by the way.)

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