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L is for Lemons

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

Yum – lemon drops! Except for chocolate, lemon drops are a daily fav. I have a little jar on my desk at work so I can pop one in my mouth when needed.


Even as a child, lemon drops were a daily treat. I would buy a couple of boxes of Lemonheads and savor each one. They were different than regular lemon drops due to a hard shell and softer center.


In my family, the birthday person was able to chose the dinner and dessert on their birthday. I usually had pizza and lemon meringue pie. Nothing looks quite as odd as birthday candles on a lemon meringue pie. (following photo from Betty Crocker)


My addiction is so bad that last Christmas even Santa brought me (with some help from daughter) old-fashioned lemon drops.

Oh baby — pucker up! I love all things lemon!


Comments on: "L is for Lemons" (6)

  1. “L” is for Lorna–I like L! But I like a little squeeze of lemon in my water, too… 🙂

    • And don’t think I didn’t consider doing L is for Lorna. But lemon drops and pie won out. I also like the slice of lemon in my water and definitely in iced tea!

      TTFN Sandy

  2. I love lemon flavour as well… and lemon meringue pie… ranks a close second to chocolate cheesecake for me! Hmmmm… think I might have to head to the bakery now! 🙂
    Happy A to Zing

  3. Nice post! Do you love lemonade too? Should I be asking? thanks for stopping by

  4. There’s something very fresh about lemons, or any citrus fruit. Have you ever seen how they make Lemonheads? A very interesting process. Ferrara Pan is based in Forest Park, IL, just outside Chicago, and they’re still family-owned.

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