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K is for Kindness

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

K is for Kindness, specifically random acts of kindness.

One day my daughter and I were in a gellato store. There was a lady in front of us. Daughter and I were having a good time discussing the pros of all the flavors. When we finally placed our order and went to the cashier, the lady in front of us had already paid for our order. The cashier then gave us a little card.


What a great feeling we had, not only because someone was kind to us, but also because this random act of kindness provided an opportunity for discussion. What is kindness? Why is it important? How can we be involved?

The next week we were in a fast food place grabbing a milk shake. There was a young boy behind us counting out his money so he could buy an ice cream cone. We paid for his cone and asked the cashier to pass on the card to him.

You don’t need to be a recipient to perform your own act of kindness. And you don’t need the card. Check out for ideas or cards. It will make you feel good kind.


Comments on: "K is for Kindness" (3)

  1. Love it. K is for kisses, too. Here’s one blown to you!

  2. What a joy to give someone a smile for a day!

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