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J is for Japanese

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

My daughter is getting her college degree in Asian Studies. She also speaks a little Chinese and Japanese.

She works with foreign exchange students at college, mostly Japanese students. I have been honored to have several students visit during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer.

Because of these positive experiences, I have been trying to learn Japanese. I have books, CDs, apps on my iPhone, and practice with my daughter when she visits. But I need more!

I learn the hiragana ひらがな scripts and then forget most of it if I slack off for a few weeks. I have thus decided to practice speech while driving to/from work. That should give me at least one hour/ day.


Hopefully I サンデイ will learn enough Japanese 日本語 so when my daughter アリア studies abroad in Japan, I can go visit and revel in the culture without being totally lost in the language. Wish me luck! がんばって


Comments on: "J is for Japanese" (6)

  1. I watch tons of Japanese tv – often without subtitles (I look for patterns to try & figure out what’s going on). I had 2 days of Japanese language classes at Honda before I had to drop out (job shift) – all I remember now is one sentence that is some kind of greeting or something.. I don’t recall what I’m saying.

    • I wish I had Japanese tv. It would help learning the language.

      • PBS runs “At Home With Venetia (in Kyoto)”, you might be able to find that one. It’s basically short (45-60min) shows about different parts of the daily life of this woman, Venetia, living in Japan – all in Japanese. The stuff she’s does is usually interesting but she, herself, bugs the heck out of me (just giving you fair warning).

  2. I’m impressed! Or, to test your skills, 私は感銘を受けました!

    • I am glad you were impressed. But I used a translation tool; I am still just learning hiragana and the sentence includes kanji.

      TTFN Sandy

  3. That is one tough language to learn! Good for you! I have enough trouble with English.

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