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This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

I was going to use H is for something else. Then my brother N posted this picture on Facebook and I felt the need to share this story instead.


A fairly obvious hostile look, wouldn’t you agree? This is Callie, a feral cat that N and J (his wife) have semi-adopted (as much as one can adopt a feral). Callie was trapped a few months ago and was spayed. One of her babies, Slinky, was recently also trapped and going to be neutered. The vets discovered that Slinky was a girl and preggers. So Miss Slinky was spayed.

It should be fairly obvious that Callie has been well taken care of. Look how plump the girl is! She is still quite feral, but does enjoy the heated bed N and J provide, as well as food and fresh water.

Although Callie is giving off that hostile vibe, what else would you expect from a feral cat who has had a tough life. I like to think that she is internally thinking “hallelujah – someone loves me!”

I am happy for her and Slinky!


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  2. My Callie, short for Calliope Gael (the name a combination of the muse of epic poetry and my best friend, because Callie was both quite vocal in her need to be adopted and she has the look of one ready to put a spell on you, my friend is a witch) almost always looks pissed off even when she’s purring and snuggling, I think it’s the coloring, the mask or the fact that she’s small and is convinced God put her in the wrong size package. (I’m fierce and tough and I AM NOT SMALL!) She is the first calico i’ve known intimately, and for close to 10 years now she has rulled with an iron paw and an attitude.

  3. Callie looks impressive and plump and very well-cared for. It is so heartwarming to hear stories like hers.

  4. That’s the look I get from cats all the time. I just thought that was the standard “cat look!” I’m glad she found a home. I guess she is, too… 😉

    • You are such a gentle soul that any hostile look from a cat is probably due to the cat noticing Scrappy in the background.

  5. My mother loved calico cats, and always tried to have one or two around on the farm. Callie does look rather plump for a feral cat – perhaps she has adopted several families or is an excellent hunter. Mama’s calico (one of them, anyway) used to bring her lots of animals (moles, rabbits, snakes, frogs) and leave them on the back step.

    • Hmmm – adopted by others too. Sounds like a perfect situation. She didn’t use to be so chubby, but what a beautiful cat.

  6. It’s always a great feeling when a homeless one (or two) get taken care of!

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