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G is for Gadgets

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

I love gadgets that make my life easier. And if they are just fun, I like them even better!

Here are a couple of my favorites.

iHome charger/speakers for an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Not only can I listen to music or a podcast, I can charge the little gadgets.


Clip-on timer. This little device (from Pampered Chef) has saved many a meal from burning up. I just clip it on and go about my business without worrying about forgetting (always a possibility) or not hearing the stove timer sound off (what? Did you hear something?).


Clip-on book light. If you want to read and not worry about waking up others, this the gadget for you. Inexpensive and comes in different colors. I especially like it for hotel rooms; the usual reading light requires getting out of bed. Not with this little baby.


So many gadgets, so little time to mention them all.

Go, Go Gadget!


Comments on: "G is for Gadgets" (3)

  1. I’ve been watching “Mad Men”–just started with season 1 and I realize all the “new-fangled” gadgets that were introduced in the 1960’s. That’s one of the best parts of that show for me!

  2. Gadgets are for those wealthy enough to splurge. Aren’t we lucky to be able to choose things to make life even more pleasant? I often think of those who live a natural life and how we all progressed from that stage. And yet, do our gadgets improve our minds and make us more capable. Food for thought.

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