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D is for Dogs

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

If you thought C is for Cats was lame, how about D is for Dogs? But I have a good reason for choosing D is for Dogs. I am currently dog sitting for some friends. My day revolves around my kitty cats in the morning, then hopping over to the doggies to feed them. Work, work, work. After work, I hop back to the doggies. They need a lot of loving with no one around during the day. And then I head home to give loving to the cats–and get lots back in return.

These doggies are HUGE! A boxer, yellow lab, and a golden retriever. They are so fun and rambunctious that I must always be careful to not get in their way when they are roaring around. But I have them trained to sit when I pull up in the car so they can get treats.

Gotta luv doggies!

Blue, Max, and Freddy--the boys!


Comments on: "D is for Dogs" (12)

  1. junebugmoore said:

    What a handful! I have one lab at 80 pounds and lab mix at 28 pounds. I couldn’t imagine 3 of my big guy. My house would be destroyed! Bless you for dog sitting. It used to stress me to find a sitter but I finally found a great one.

  2. junebugmoore said:

    Wow! What a handful! I have one black lab around 80 pounds and a lab mix only 28 pounds. I couldn’t imagine have three of my big guy. Bless you for dog sitting. I puffy heart my dog sitter. It used to stress me to find a sitter so I know how lucky the owners must feel.

  3. Such adorable dogs that must really keep you busy!

  4. Dogs are wonderful! This is a nice post about them. Sounds like you have a lot of fun dog sitting. Way cool!

    • I do enjoy dog sitting. I grew up with dogs and it is only just been a couple of years that I have not had a dog or two in the house.
      I used to crochet everything. Think reading your blog may inspire me to get my hooks out.

  5. Just randomly dropped in to see what was going on. Love your blog title!


  6. For a woman used to little kitties, these canines must be quite the rude awakening! I hope they have a fenced-in yard to gallop in to release some of their energy and some other stuff, too! 😉

    • They have acres to run and use invisible fencing. I lock them up at night though so they don’t go after the wandering deer. They are good doggies! Especially the golden, my fav.

  7. Aww, they look a little sad…hopefully you gave them lots of love after this!

  8. Wow! I thought I had my hands full with three little ones 🙂

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