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A is for Acronyms

This post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge.

Or it could be A is for Accepting to participate in the A-to-Z Challenge. Or it could be A is for April Fools, but I already wrote my April Fools post. So I am going to go with A is for Acronyms because I have acronyms on the  brains right now.

Acronyms are abbreviations from the first letter or even just part of words. When put together, it must be spoken as a word. Examples include:

  • SCUBA for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  • RADAR  for RAdio Detection And Ranging
  • AIDS for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Now that you have the idea, let’s make up new ones!!

  • ATOZ (pronounced  a-toes) as an acronym for A-to-Z  challenge. Wahoo, I’m participating in the ATOZ challenge, starting today.
  • SPALALA (pronounced spa-la-la) as an acronym for Single PArent Living A Life Alone.  Yes, I am a SPALALA because my only child is living at college, not at home.
  • BEPOE (pronounced bee-poe) as an acronym for BEst Pizza On Earth.  I’m starving; going to order BEPOE for dinner.

Please do not confuse acronym with initialism, which I will discuss on the I is for… day.


Comments on: "A is for Acronyms" (4)

  1. […] letter of more than one word and the letters are pronounced separately. This is different from an acronym that is pronounced as a word. […]

  2. I like the new acronyms, both the sounds and meanings!

    Best of luck with the challenge! You can do it!

    Alana @
    Found you through A to Z!

  3. […] I am a SPALALA (see A is for Acronyms), I now am collecting cats. How fun. How sad? All my cats are rescues, so how fortunate for them. […]

  4. Very creative! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next, you SPLALA, you! 🙂

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