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The Climbing Cat

Both MeiMei and Sunni have complained about too much blog attention is paid to Ellie. So here is some MeiMei news.

MeiMei is not quite 2 years old, but she is such a handful! The day I first saw her at a local pet store, she was on the top storage shelf. Although she was only 3 months old, she was showing her dare-devil behavior already. I should have listened!


She climbs everywhere! Recently she taken up vulturing – the art of acting like a vulture, overlooking someone, waiting for that perfect moment to attack. I was lying on the bed reading, and when I looked up, a wave of sheer terror swept over me. I was being vultured!


I save a bit of energy by drying some clothes on a wooden drying rack. MeiMei thinks it is Mt. Everest and climbs it as often as possible. But she has recently gained some weight and the drying rack is struggling to support her. View the video to see what I mean.

Even after I got MeiMei down, put away the clothes on the rack, and folded it up, MeiMei still felt a strong connection.


And here she is on the top shelf of the cat tree–her only authorized favorite high place.



Comments on: "The Climbing Cat" (1)

  1. That first picture with the green-bulb eyes is unreal. It had me transfixed!

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