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The Sushi Line

Today, my daughter took me to Sushi Maru, a Japanese restaurant. It was the one place she had to go during her short weekend visit.


I had some of the best fried rice ever and a little bit of orange chicken and a spring roll. With my recent gastro issues, I could not afford to try much else.

The food was great and very entertaining to just be there. Little plates of food are placed on this winding conveyor belt. You just take what you want. The plates are different colors for different prices. By stacking the plates when done, the server determines your bill.

One of daughter’s favorites is cucumber rolls. If you don’t see what you want on the conveyor, just order it from the server.

I thought the colors were great and would like to see fruit and little desserts on a conveyor. Think of all the tastiness right before your eyes.


Comments on: "The Sushi Line" (2)

  1. I always thought sushi was only raw fish. Imagine my surprise when I discovered all the sushi vegan options. I love the stuff–well, if it’s not too spicy!

    Glad you had a delicious time! 🙂

  2. Oh, that looks good – although I am not a sushi lover…a conveyor belt of yumminess does sound like a good idea.

    I am also suffering from some crazy gastrointestinal issues…it’s a pain, literally and figuratively.

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