Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Things have been rough for me lately, being sick and all. But after feeling very crappy (pun) all week, I actually felt a little better this afternoon. So I thought I should try my luck, venture out and run some errands. Listed below are the signs that luck was in the wind.  Right off the bat, things were going my way — and continued so for two hours!

Wash Car

Since it was fairly sunny out, I thought I should get the ole car washed. I was expecting my favorite car wash to be completely swamped, but was surprised when there was no one in line. No one! So I immediately pulled in and asked the operator why they weren’t busy. He said I hit them during the only lull they have had for days. Wahoo for me! I went through the wash ( 5 exciting minutes) and when I came out, there were at least eight cars in line. First sign of a potentially good day.

Pet Store

The furrys were in need of  food, litter, etc., so I stopped at the pet store. Sign 1: Open parking spot right in front. Sign 2: Cat food I wanted was on sale. Sign 3: A calming collar I wanted to try out (for MeiMei, not me) was also on sale. Sign 4: No line at check out, and the check out lady was very funny.

Gas Station

The car needed gas, so I stopped to fill it up. No waiting, and received a discount from my Fred Meyers card.

Beauty Store

I recently started painting my fingernails again. But I didn’t have any polish remover on hand, so stopped to get some acetone-free remover. Not only found that, but also found a couple of new colors that I really liked. And guess what?  Yup, they were on sale!

Drug Store

Had to stop to pick up a few personal items so swung by a drug store. One of the items I needed was on sale for buy one, get second one half off.  At about $9 an item, this was a great savings. Gee, how many signs can I take to know that it is indeed a good day!


Decided to stop at a local little restaurant to get quesadillas to go. I get them very plain and they appear to be one of the food items that does not irritate my digestive system. Whoop-te-do!  I was able to get them almost free because my punch card gave me $5 discount.

Home Again Jiggety Jig

When I got home, I thoroughly enjoyed the quesadillas and have not had any repercussions and it has been at least four hours. Yes! The good day mojo is still with me!

I also put the calming collar on MeiMei without a fuss. And Ellie and Sunni are making nice-nice to each other.

Sunni (L) and Ellie (R) just relaxing together. Ellie was even sleeping for a while.

With all the goodness that has happened today, I am totally excited to do my taxes, daughter’s taxes, and daughter’s FAFSA form.  Things have gone so well, that even if I don’t have good tax mojo, everything else has already made up for that.

You have to look for the little things in life to make those happy moments. Hope all is going well for everyone else too!


Comments on: "It’s a Good Day When…" (1)

  1. I have a good friend who is feeling similarly “crappy.” I feel for the both of you. I hope you feel better soon! Kind of tough to run errands when other things feel like running… 😐

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