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I love tools! Anything to make a task my life easier gets two-thumbs up from me. While spiffing up the kitchen recently, I stopped to admire my kitchen tools. (Since it is winter, I couldn’t stop to smell the roses, so kitchen tools it is.)


Little blue container holds my precious wooden tools, especially the bamboo spoons. I swoon for bamboo spoons.

Here are some favs (from left to right):


  • Big bamboo spoon
  • Little bamboo spoon
  • Tasting spoon from a Shaker store in Kentucky. Very handy when making soup as you let the broth dribble to to other end of the spoon and taste it.
  • My favorite toast grabber! No more burned fingers for me as I grab toast or an English muffin from the toaster.
  • My least favorite toast grabber, but I keep it as a reminder to not leave wood in the sink to warp.

And we cannot forget chopsticks! These are beautiful. My favorite pair has dragons on them.

Then we have the circular storage container. I could really use another one, but don’t have the counter space. I think that’s why I love this one; it holds a lot of tools, readily available at your figure tips.

Here are my favs from the white container (left to right):


  • Tiny paring knives from Pampered Chef. I have several of these and use them daily.
  • Ice cream scoop that warms up with the heat of your hand thus making scooping quick and artful.
  • Mouse cheese grater that I recently received from a friend. It fits comfortably in the hand and looks cute too!
  • Strawberry or tomato huller. Handy little gadget that I have from my grandmother.
  • Orange peeler. You score the orange with the top end and then use the other end to separate the peel from the inside goodness. No more mess or orange peel stuck under your fingernails.
  • Baby spatula that is perfect for cutting and lifting brownies, cornbread, or lemon bars out of the pan.
  • Cookie batter scooper. Can also be used to create melon balls or meat balls. I also use it to put batter in mini-muffin pans.

Are you envious of my tools? And I am not even that great of a cook–but I sure have the tools to make it look easy!


Comments on: "Tooling Around the Kitchen" (2)

  1. kateluthner79 said:

    where did you get the ice cream scooper? I’ve been looking for something like that. Anything to keep husband from turning on the gas burner to heat up the scooper.

  2. When I down-sized, I left a lot of kitchen tools and stuff behind. My ex was the chef. I have the basics, but I’m not much into cooking and my kitchen is A LOT smaller now. But my older sister would have major kitchen-tool envy… 🙂

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