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Glitter Ball Baptism

I have now had Ellie, the dainty wedge head Siamese, for three weeks. Although the adoption has been going well, I have not quite been sure of what Ellie thinks of me as her new mom.

Yes, she snuggies with me at night or during a weekend nap, but is there a bond developing or am I just a heat source? Everyday I attempt to engage her in play, however since she tends to play in the middle of the night, I am not a good playmate.

Last night was the exception. Ellie seemed almost hyperactive and was roaring around her room as I lay in bed reading. She allowed a little rough housing and was very affectionate. It was getting late and since she slowed down, I took that as a bedtime sign. I turned out the lights and settled under the covers.

All of a sudden the bed is attacked! Nothing serious as how much attacking can a 6 pound kitty do. Up, down, pounce, off the bed, on the bed, yowl, yowl. And the the unthinkable–a wet blob of something is in my face! Yes, Ellie gave me a gift.

Eewww–what could it be? Hairball, mouse (I only collect inanimate mousies), or other disgusting wet slimy grossness? I quickly turned on the light and saw she gave me one of her glitter balls. Apparently while playing, she dropped it in her water dish and then saved its life by dragging it out and giving it to me. Was she expecting CPR to be performed?

There were wet drips from her water bowl to the bed. And then many wet spots on the bed before my face received this special gift.


Presenting Ellie and the Glitter Balls. Great name for a drag show act, don’t you agree?


Comments on: "Glitter Ball Baptism" (5)

  1. This little kitty likes “bling!” The picture is so sweet. You’ll have to get her glitter balls in all conceivable colors… 🙂

    • She does like bling and I indulge her. She has white, gold, red, purple, blue, and teal glitter balls. Apparently she heard that white was in this year and has completely stripped the white one. I fear it’s on its last throw.

  2. She is just too cute. I was holding my breath hoping it wasn’t a dead mouse! Course that would have been warm…

  3. That is the sweetest story! And such a relief that it was a glitterball and nothing else!
    Look how happy she is to have a home. I love stories like this! 🙂

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