Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The cats are sharpening their teeth. Or maybe they are just a little stressed with the addition of Ellie. Here is some proof of their exercise antics.

The Kleenex sits in a coordinated holder in the bathroom. MeiMei thinks it is there for her nibbling pleasure. She has just recently started this which makes me wonder why now. Could it be a stress outlet due to Ellie’s presence? Or just a reminder that she is #1 cat in the house.


The Greenies treat bag sits in a bowl on the kitchen island. Apparently MeiMei and Sunni decided to help themselves.


On the cat introduction front, Sunni is still the most curious and anxious to be buddies. Here they are (Ellie and Sunni) having a silent moment.



Comments on: "Dental Exercises for Cats" (6)

  1. Isn’t it lovely when you find surprises like this after you’ve spent good money on things they’re supposed to chew on or scratch on? Like kids with presents–just give them an empty box to unwrap, that’s what they enjoy most!

    • Msmouse7 said:

      How true! You have obviously been to my cat play pen. Have tried plain old boxes with little success.

  2. Hmmm…chewing tissues is a little odd. Maybe she has a cold like the rest of us, haha. Or she’s trying to make as big a mess as possible.

  3. If a little nibbling helps them adjust then nibble away! Sunni and Ellie look so cute!

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