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I almost missed a very important holiday–Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Thank goodness I discovered it still in time to participate. It is mid-morning where I live, am still in Jammie’s watching George Clooney on the “Inside the Actors Studio,” and eating ice cream. What could be better?


At a recent trip to the grocery store, I found these little tiny containers of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They are so cute and just the right size to satisfy the addiction and yet not send you over the edge. And there is this tiny spoon under the lid so you can eat on the run.

If it is too late for you to celebrate, fake it!


Comments on: "Ice Cream for Breakfast Day" (8)

  1. aww! I am so happy that there is an Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. I will have to mark my calendar for next year.

  2. You live right! To heck with the ice cream. Give me a second scoop of George Clooney!

  3. I also did actually have ice cream for breakfast today and didn’t know about the official day, but am so glad not to have missed it!!

  4. I did have ice cream for breakfast and I didn’t even know….it was yummy.

    • I think the holiday was just for those moments. I wonder if there is a peanut butter/cinnamon raisin toast day because that’s what I often have for breakfast. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast!

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