Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Ellie has been with us for 2 days now and is still getting acquainted with everyone me. I have not introduced her to the other kitties yet, but everyone knows of each others existence.

Today was a very sunny day here, so I opened the blinds so Ellie could take a look. Excuse the dirty windows — it’s winter, ya know!

Ellie likes to sleep all curled up. Here’s a picture of her snuggling up next to me while I was on the computer. That was a nice gesture on her part.

Ellie likes to play with her tail. Here’s a cute video of her doing just that. Ellie Likes Her Tail

Ellie’s previous mom told me that she would ask Ellie if she was sweet and would get an answer. So I tried the same question. Are You Sweet?

And of course I have to give equal time to the others. Here’s Sunni looking cute as ever.

And here’s MeiMei hanging out on the cat tree, as usual.


Comments on: "Ellie Update – Day 2" (2)

  1. You have such a beautiful bunch of kitties. I love Sunni’s orange and brown stripes!

    Gradual introductions are always best, I’ve found. It’s wonderful that Ellie is being snuggly.

  2. Those 1st few weeks can be trying. But I’m sure you’ve got things well under control.

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