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Fickle Friday

New Police Uniforms: Non-intimidating Fashion ?

If you were a criminal, and these guys were chasing you yelling STOP, POLICE -- would you stop and cower in fear, or would you collapse in a heap trying to catch your breath while laughing hysterically?

The local police department has recently been under the gun (pun intended) to spiff up their image. Unfortunately that image has been tarnished due to alleged police aggression, several police-involved shootings that have led to many questions, and overall behavior that seems unbecoming of law enforcement officers.

One member of the city council has suggested that the current black jumpsuits worn by the police are “too intimidating.” Mr. city council man has suggested that police get new uniforms to improve their image.

  • How horrible that a criminal would should could be intimidated by mere clothing!
  • Does his suggestion give more meaning to the expression “Fashion Police?”
  • In these lean economic times, why even consider $$ for something so lame?

Mighty (Ms.) Mouse to the rescue! I may have a solution that works for everyone. Police in tutus!

Who would be intimidated? NO ONE! I’m thinking that criminal activity might even stop. How embarrassing to be arrested by a person in a tutu. The new uniform would cause so much laughter that the criminal would physically ROFL (roll on the floor laughing) thus making capture much easier — and less wear and tear on the uniform — and thus less cost.

Goodness, maybe Mr. council man has put some serious thought into this. But wait — it was 12 degrees this morning. Could be a tutu issue.

My Cat Theme Park

It is true; I have gone overboard in providing toys for the kitties. I like to think of them as facilitating their enrichment activities. The latest addition is this marvelous cat tree that I bought from Amazon. It was reasonably priced, had hundreds of positive reviews, and was exactly what I had in mind for the space.

The cat tree arrived less than one week after I ordered it. Immediately, Sunni started checking it out. I unpacked the box and noted that the instructions were done via pictures and quite simple. The cats helped at every step. Within 15 minutes it was ready for play. Here’s a cute video of the action.

Playing Together


Comments on: "Fickle Friday" (3)

  1. Sigh, everyone knows that behavioral change is the way to create a better relationship. If the police were interacting more with the public in a non-emergency setting, that feeling would go away. Changing uniforms is a costly way to treat the symptom.
    On the positive side, in 20 years, we’ll look at photos of these uniforms and laugh just as much as I laugh at my outfits from the 80’s.

  2. Mighty Mouse was my hero. That image totally and thankfully erased the picture of the cavorting cops in tutus. What were they thinking?

    Nice playground for your kitties! 🙂

  3. So cute (the kitties, not the cops). I was amazed at how much your voice (at the end of the video, if that was your voice) sounds like ME.

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