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Comfort for the Cats

Last weekend I decided to try my hand at making a cat hammock. With PVC pipe, connectors, and a little fabric, here’s the result. According to the cats, it’s a hit!




Comments on: "Comfort for the Cats" (8)

  1. Very cool idea! And they look great against that red 🙂

  2. kateluthner79 said:

    cute – if it ever gets wobbly, try adding pipes around the bottom to. If you feel fancy, the spray paint for plastic really works great.

    • I thought of stability and decided to cut the posts a bit shorter instead. If the cats still are using it by summer, I’ll make another one, taller and more stable as you suggested. Like the idea about painting the PVC pipes and will do that this spring when I can spray paint them outside. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Your cats are so amenable to your efforts at kindness. Any cat I ever had would just look at my attempts to attend to their comfort or pleasure (scratch posts, cushy beds, cat-nip-filled toys, etc.), yawn, stretch, and slowly saunter away…in disgust.

  4. Great idea. Maybe if I do this, I’ll get my side of the bed back. 🙂

  5. Wow, that looks super comfy! My Miaos are envious. And you made it yourself – excellent work. Your kitties must be pleased.

  6. So nice!!!

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