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Fickle Friday the 13th

Salary Sour Grapes

This is a true story. Mayor V offered to take a reduction in her yearly salary (from $170K to $100K) so as to help the city budget. After two years of reduced salary, Mayor V was not reelected and is now out of a job. Mayor V now expects the city to pay her the back salary that she knowingly gave up. Also, she expects her pension to be based on the full salary instead of her requested reduced salary; this would provide another $1000/month.

It just so happens Mayor V is a lawyer. What kind of game is being played here? It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this will be. IMHO, since Mayor V, at her own request, gave up the $$, she has no claim to it now.

Cat Xmas Present Goodies

Santa Claws brought a little container of wheatgrass/oatgrass for the kitties to munch on.  Sylvester and Tweety Bird are being admired by two felines. MeiMei and Sunni have thoroughly enjoyed the company and the grass, but I find little grass blades all over the house now.

Preparing for New Meezer

I grew up with Shanghai, a Siamese. She was the first pet I ever had and was my bestest buddy–until about 6th grade when we got a dog. Although as an adult I have had dogs and cats, I have never had the opportunity to be a meezer mommy again. Although Shang was the traditional roundhead (applehead Siamese), I have always wanted a wedgehead Siamese. There is something about the triangle shape of the face that appeals to me at every level. I love that shape and even use it a lot in quilting.

So after looking around for a few months for a wedgehead Siamese to rescue, I found the cat meant for me. Here’s Ellie, a 6-year old Siamese, who will be joining our family (photo courtesy of Alyssa). She’s coming from California on February 2.  Ellie’s current mom and I have talked a lot and we are doing everything possible to make Ellie’s transition as stress-free as possible. I have a few things to get for her and plan to visit the pet store this weekend. Current kitties, MeiMei and Sunni, will like that because I will come home with something for them too.

Ewwww…Udderly Disgusting

When I first saw this dress, it did nothing for me; too pale, too little, I just didn’t particularly care for it. And then I found out it is made of cow nipples. Ewww…looks closely and you’ll see them. I am so grossed out by this dress, but I can’t get it out of my mind. British designer Rachael Freire created the dress out of 3000 cow and yak nipples retrieved from cattle tanneries. She claims she is recycling.

What do you think? I believe I will stick with jeans and a blouse, and will continue to recycle newspaper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. No cows (nor yaks) need to worry about losing any part of their body if we cross each others path.

Ewww…nipple dress…  Sorry to leave you with such thoughts.  Ewwww…


Comments on: "Fickle Friday the 13th" (4)

  1. I’m glad you found the purrfect kitty to adopt. Ellie is beautiful! I’m sure MeiMei and Sunni are eager to meet her.

    As for the dress…. ugh. *shudders*

  2. Wow, interesting post with lots of variety! Mayor V voluntarily gave up her salary. Should be end of story. Knowing how things go these days it probably won’t be the end of the story.

    SO excited for you to adopt Ellie. She is so exotic looking! Lucky cat, too!

    Fashion and I have never really had much to do with each other. That said, I am a big thumbs down on a nipple dress. And a meat dress.

  3. Fashion has taken a left turn at wacko and gone down the road of disgusting. First a Lady Gaga meat dress; now this?

    As for Mayor V, too bad that her altruistic act of giving up salary to save the city money didn’t buy her a re-election, but if she were truly altruistic, she wouldn’t be tying the city up with legal woes over the whole thing… Lawyers. Enough said.

    I’m glad the kitties are happy. 🙂

  4. ummm total eww on that dress. I have to bleach that from my mind. Gratz on the new siamese! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about her. And yes, it is always fun coming home to a nice pile of puked up wheat grass in the living room, which in my household is the vomit drop zone of choice.

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