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Happy New Year 2012!

I just got back from driving Daughter back to college. I have been having a lot of Crohn flare-ups so wasn’t really feeling up for the drive. Thank goodness Daughter drove part of the way so I could do a little sleeping.


I must admit that the snoozing was a relief from listening to K-pop (Korean popular music). Actually some of the music was fun to listen to, however the lyrics were a mystery. And not just those in Korean! For example, the chorus of one tune was “bubble, bubble, bubble, pop – bubble, bubble, pop. ”

Anyway, I am home with the kitties, drinking home-made Baileys, and hoping to get warm and take a little nap. What better way to start the new year (referring to cats and naps, not the drinking part).


Comments on: "Happy New Year 2012!" (3)

  1. Hope you feel better soon kiddo. I haven’t ever had Crohn’s, but my SIL does. From what I can tell it sucks big time.

  2. Hope you feeling better soon. Chron’s is awful, but you look pretty chipper in that picture. 😉

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