Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Ever since I can remember, we have always gone to my aunt and uncle’s house on Christmas morning for brunch. That tradition still continues some 60 years later, except now it is at my mom’s house (step-mom, aunt – see Here’s My Family Tree to figure that one out).

Everyone pitches in for brunch, but the main course is what is affectionately called land goop. (I have always called it land gorp, but have been shown the error of my ways, but I still think gorp sounds more appetizing than goop). My brother Gary is the main chef. Land goop is a kind of omelet, but very heavy-duty. It contains eggs, potato chunks, sausage, and cheese. People fight over land goop; Gary has learned to always make extra to prevent fisticuffs.

Gary cooking land goop/gorp

YUM -- the star of the breakfast show!

Gary’s eldest son, Nick, has been the king french toast maker for several years now. Nick has this down to a science and I think everyone agrees that Nick’s french toast is the best in the world.

Nick making world's best french toast

This year there were 17 for breakfast.

Before the chaos begins.

Let's eat, drink, and be merry!!


Comments on: "Traditions – Christmas Breakfast" (2)

  1. Wow! That sounds/looks like quite a brunch! “Land Goop” must be delicious, but, for me, it loses something in the translations (both name-wise and in the picture). But, since I’m a vegan whose rarely hungry, most photos of food do as much for me as a photo of a carburetor! 😉

    Great tradition and I hope that this year there was plenty to go around so that no one got hurt!

    • My daughter is a veggie so she just picks out the sausage and someone else eats them. Photos of food often make me salivate, so maybe I should become a vegan. I most certainly would lose weight. Maybe I’ll think about it. And I’m with you on the name, which is probably why I call it Land Gorp instead of goop. Oh well.

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