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Many years ago I made a type of advent calendar for Christmas. Because I was quilting, I used a Christmas tree and placed snowflakes from the sky onto the tree for each day before Christmas. When the tree was full of snowflakes, it was Christmas day!

In the past, I never had trouble with the cats being interested in the dangling snowflakes. But those two cats have gone over the Rainbow Bridge and new kitties have joined the family. It seems as if at least one of them (MeiMei, wouldn’t you know) wants to speed up the process. She thinks if the snowflakes get on the tree faster, it will be Christmas sooner.  Darn kitty is messing with my traditions!

Advent tree with only a few snowflakes left until Christmas

MeiMei helping with snowflakes.


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  2. Apparently your kitties like to enjoy the season with a bit of their own traditions.

    Neat Advent Calendar–different. I love the natural theme. Where did you get the pattern? I don’t have cats to mess with the stars and Scrappy couldn’t be bothered…

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