Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

During the holidays, we (Daughter and I) like to check out the holiday lights throughout the town. There are always some favorites, such as several blocks where every house is lit up. The local newspaper lists many houses and we map out our route and hit the road. We will definitely do this again later this week when our Japanese friends are here for the holidays.

This year we don’t really have to travel far; actually we don’t have to travel at all. The house across the street is decked out with every light available on earth. Haven’t you noticed the lack of proper holiday lights in the stores? That’s because my neighbor has them all. And with music too (which is loud enough to hear from inside my house).

So without further ado, prepare for the show of the year.


Comments on: "Traditions – Holiday Lights" (8)

  1. Beautiful and inspiring … Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Goodness – that’s some Christmas tradition

  3. It is fun, but it’s definitely over the top! Lol!

    • A lot of people drive by to watch and listen though. It takes them weeks to put everything up. Too much work for me, but fun to see.

  4. Some people do go all out, don’t they? There’s one house around here that is way over the top–I mean EXPENSIVE over the top. I think they hire a team of decorators to do their house. They must be one of the 1%…

  5. Wow, that is something. I would probably not get anything done, just sit and watch all night.

    • I would too, but all the flickering lights causes flashbacks (oops, I mean headaches). I watch some while trying to figure out if the lights are set to the music (think they are).

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