Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Since Daughter was little, she has been told the story of Jasper, her personal Christmas elf. It is Jasper’s job to do a pre-check on Christmas Eve day to make sure everything is ready for Santa later that night. Sometimes he comes in the daytime, sometimes in the afternoon.

And Jasper always brings one present that Daughter is supposed to open Christmas Eve; pajamas for that night. Maybe they are magical pajamas so Santa is assured that Daughter is sound asleep when he delivers presents that night.

Now that Daughter is older, she can still count on Jasper doing his job. Hopefully, Daughter will continue this tradition if she has children.

2001 - Toasty jammies and Scooby-Doo slippers too!!

2010 - Rina and Alia in their Hello Kitty footy jammies.

Since we are having two (possibly three guests for Christmas), guess I better do a shout out to Jasper so he is prepared for Christmas eve!

Stay tuned for more Christmas traditions: fruitcake, Irish creme, Christmas morning breakfast, ornaments,


Comments on: "Traditions – Jasper the Elf" (6)

  1. meigler said:

    What a cute tradition, Good for you.:)

  2. kateluthner79 said:

    I like that he brings PJ’s and isn’t just a spy for santa – I like your spin on the story

  3. Awww, how sweet. 😀 I think my Miaolings need a Japser to bring them new kitten pajamas.

  4. A lovely tradition. I love new pajamas.

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