Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Unfortunately, I did not come across the perfect solution to holiday stress until last year. And now I plan to share this $1,000,000 solution with you, my faithful readers.  So turn off the TV,  shut down your computer,  quiet down the kids and pets, and get out your pencil and paper so as to take notes when necessary. Drum roll please.

A stick of gum to remind you to stick to it.

A candle to remind you to shine brightly.

A pin to remind you to stay sharp.

A match to light your fire when you feel burned out.

A bag to help you keep it all together.

And if these five items don’t work as expected, use the pin to burst your bubble, the match to burn up the Xmas tree, the bag to use when you hyperventilate, and chew that gum; it’s sure to irritate someone.  Think of your own plan for the candle.

Happy Holiday preparations!!!!


Comments on: "How to Survive the Holidays" (7)

  1. This old gal has found that if she starts really early on gifts….housecleaning…I really look forward

    to family during the holidays…Sounds old fashioned…but..I love all the decorating…eating…visiting..

    oh…maybe that is because that is all I have to do…no job…no long distance daughter

    and friends to pick up and deliever….just a lot of love from my friends and family..Is this OK? Can

    I still have my Zolof?

  2. Great suggestions. I’d add a Valium about the size of a paper plate.:) It works for me.

  3. Cute post! I heard about a survey “What do you hate most about the holidays?” Nice question, eh? One of the more common answers was “Being nice to people.” Oy Vey!

    • Really?!? Being nice to people? I find that the holidays tends to bring out extreme rudeness in people, but only seen at stores when shopping. Otherwise, it seems as if people are nicer during the holidays.

  4. The only stress I ever feel at Christmas is trying to negotiate with my parents NOT to give the kids so many blasted toys. This year, we’re leaving the country to avoid that. And maybe catch a wildcat 😉

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