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While at my mom’s for Thanksgiving, several of us went outside to check on the tree that ate the fence. Or I guess it is the tree that is eating the fence because munch munch is still ongoing.

The fence doesn't look all that tasty to me, but apparently the tree thinks it is ice cream and is continually taking bites!

This tree is one hell of a survivor! It has split in two near the ground, and both trunks are still alive. It also has a branch growing from the middle of the split trunks. WOW – that’s some kind of will to survive.

2 trunks + 1 branch = 1 survivor tree

Apparently the tree thinks the fence is in its way. And since the fence doesn’t seem to be moving, the tree is just growing around it. This view reminds me of “Little Shop of Horrors” and the plant named Audrey II.

Kiss me you fool!

And because the tree has a big mouthful of fence on one side, it has started eating the fence on the other side. Hey, no  judging the tree; don’t you take second bites when something is so tasty?

Yum. Let's try a tiny bit out of the middle of the fence this time.


Comments on: "The Tree That Ate the Fence" (7)

  1. I’ve never seen a tree grow like this. Fascinating! I admire its determination.

    Audrey II – a perfect name! I love the Little Shop of Horrors.

  2. Great pictures. I, too, marvel at how adaptive trees are. They grow out of rocks and around all kinds of things. But just try to grow on in your yard… 😉

  3. That’s very cool. It is amazing what a tree will do if something gets in it’s way.

  4. Wow, that is pretty amazing. In Michigan we had a mulberry “bush” that kept growing in the corner of our fenced yard. It would consume the entire corner post – we would chop it down, burn it, do all kinds of mayhem (because the birds would eat the berrries then poop on our deck 10 feet away). It continues to return, and thrive despite our best efforts. No sense fighting it any more.

    The tree has true character.

  5. What is more wonderful about this tree is that it started out life in a coffee can. The sprout was only 12 ” high and my husband kept it in the greenhouse until it was planted in 1989. Not only does it eat the fence …it is now over 90ft. tall….

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