Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yes, I’m a klutz. It is a well know fact. And just last night I added to my collection of mishaps. Just to set the scene, let me provide a few examples:

  • Slipped on ice and sprained my back.
  • Tripped over gasoline hose to car and did a perfect face plant.
  • Bounced down the stairs after doing a quick turn mid-stairs; sprained back again.
  • Tripped (again) walking up the stairs, fell on my hand and severely strained tendons in hand.
  • Separated rib muscles by leaning falling into a large garbage can to rescue a recyclable item.

Do you get the picture? On Saturday, I was getting ready to fix dinner; a real sit-down dinner at the dining room table, when I noticed that I had not shined up the chandelier. Instead of going to the garage and grab the step-ladder, I thought I would just stand on one of the dining room chairs. Bad thinking on my part. So as I stepped up on the chair, I lost my balance and proceeded to prove the law of gravity: what does up, must come down.

Yes, it was in slow motion, but no segment of my life flashed before my eyes. I distinctly remember hearing my skull crack the floor twice; hope I don’t get called for double-dribbling. As I lay on the floor (still clutching the shining cloth because I’m a dedicated cleaner), I found myself moaning while trying to catch my breath and ascertain if anything was broken. But my sense of humor won out and I found myself thinking,  “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

After  several minutes, I was able to get up and get an ice pack on my head. It’s still very tender to the touch, but since I’m still here, assuming no brain damage (yet).  My back is sore, though a bit more rest will take care of that.

So now for a few pictures of post-holiday activities. The girls students young ladies went shopping early Friday, and later Friday afternoon too. When they got home, this was the result of so much shopping.

Too much shopping!

Joining in with the Bloomsday runners (metal sculptures by Dave Govedare).

Yum - picking goodies on the moving sushi track.

いただきます。 Baked ziti, green beans, ladieu salad, and garlic bread.

Everyone is back to college with all of their goodies (free advertising for Forever 21 and Hollister).

Everyone had a great time (cracked head and all), and I think there is still one piece of pumpkin pie with my name on it. Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday too.


Comments on: "The Crash After Thanksgiving" (7)

  1. Ouch! I hope you are recovering nicely. Also hoping that your Thanksgiving was filled with lots of love & laughs!

  2. You are the only person I know who’s anywhere near as klutzy as I am. We should really take a policy out on each other.

    Ask Santa for a big roll of bubble wrap for your bruised body. I am.:)

    • Excellent idea re: bubble wrap. However, the cats knead on me all the time so wondering if the constant popping would be a tad annoying. May try it anyway; already have a bubble-butt.

  3. Dear Lord, I hope you’re alright. With your track record, I’d invest in a helmet and some hockey-style safety gear. It may restrict some of your movements in the more delicate cleaning areas, but I think it will be worth it in the end. 😉

  4. I needed my bedroom ceiling lights replaced….so…I got out the light globes and stool…I placed them carefully under the light fixture…..and then because I learned from you….I called my son Gary…..Job done and no falls…see even a old lady can learn from other’s misfortunes..Now learn from me… more falling…it can really hurt…..Mom

  5. Ouch…I was just saying to my husband the other day it has been a while (6 months) since I fell or hurt myself. Then, I remembered that I probably have a broken pinkie finger (I jammed it several weeks ago and it has not gotten better). I think the 2 of us would be dangerous together. Please watch yourself – it is possible you’ve got a concussion. Carry on….(safely, of course).

  6. Awwww, great pics! Hooray for fun shopping trips!

    I am sure glad you didn’t hurt yourself any worse than a bumped head and a sore back. That’s pretty scary! I am always climbing up on chairs, too, rather than getting a step ladder.
    This will make me rethink that strategy! 🙂
    Stay safe!

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